browner180_pmpaBACKSIDE 180 NOSE GRAB’S WITH NICK BROWN.This is a true classic, and a staple in any pro snowboarder’s bag, executed here with ease and style by Nick Brown. This trick requires a good amount of ‘pop’ on the take-off, whether it’s a booter or a flat take-off like Browner here, you’ve gotta load up your back leg and do like Snoop does – ‘pop it like it’s hot’! Due to the ‘pop’ factor this is a good trick to do if you’re trying to clear a gap, or on a jump with a bit of ‘WU’ that’s going to send you up high. The trick to back one’s is to stall them out as long as possible, meaning you don’t want to rotate your board the full 180 degrees until right at the last moment, this will ensure you land nice and straight and avoid the dreaded toeside catcher. The other tip to note is to keep your head and shoulders pretty square, this will also help with the slower rotation needed. You can peek under your leading shoulder to spot your landing, but when you land you want to be looking back at where you took-off from. Once you’re base-down then it is time to look around where you’re going, which will be backwards, fakie, switch… however you want to put it. Any grab can be applied and this will determine the style of the trick, we all have our favourites and the classic nose snatcher is one of mine, but just remember to always grab right on the end, not the side… never the side. Same rule applies for tail grabs too! That’s basically it, you’ve just gotta get out there now and practise, and once you have these sussed out, learn them switch. The starting point here is to get your back one’s on lock… do them everywhere, on everything, everyday you ride. Enjoy!


Back 7’s with ‘BILZIE



STEP 1. You want to be going into this pre-banged and in your ninja stance. Do two symmetrical carves, heel to toe, patiently waiting till you pop off the end of the take off. Don’t get too eager now, or you’ll have a bad time.

STEP 2. So… you’re about to find yourself miles above the earth. Stay calm, you got this! Once you’ve popped up off the take off it’s time to spin. With backside spins your spin comes from your back shoulder, so crank it.

STEP 3. Wait till you get yourself to 270° before you grab, and keep that back shoulder leading your spin. By starting your grab later you can hold it longer at the end, and manipulate your spin so the last 360° is a late dippy flippy corky thing.

STEP 4. Yeow, time to land! When you’re at 620° start spotting for your landing. It’s real important to hold onto your grab, it’ll be way scarier and look way sicker. Keep that shoulder cranked till the last 90°, you can also let go of your board here too.

STEP 5. By stopping your shoulders at 90° you’ll want to scissor your lower body around to finish her off (like landing a bs 3, Cab 1, or Cab 5). It’s key to land flat based and slightly edging onto your toes, to avoid skidding out. Keep off your heels.

STEP 6. Stomp, after-bang, ride away like a boss and your pre-banged ready for the doubles.

Warning: after-banging can cause hot chicks or guys (for any girls out there killing it) to want you more than normal.

Photo PE @ Cardrona