Absinthe Films: Keys to the City Edits + release of free APP

Absinthe Films have just released a free app enabling access to their archives and edits through the Burton Channel. Created by legend pro rider turned filmer Justin Hostynek, Absinthe Films have been on the cutting edge of snowboard films for decades, and continue to produce mind blowing features every year.The iOS and Android compatible Absinthe App can be downloaded for free here http://absinthe-films.com/#ios  The app is their answer to the ‘box-set’.
with a free feature playing in the app always. It’s the only place where you can access all of Absinthe’s past 17 features, plus rider videos, wallpaper images, rider bios and tons of Flipside shows. All of the content is streaming so it doesn’t take up any space on your device.
iOS users can watch it on a bigger screen through Airplay. They will be releasing one of these each week for the next few weeks. Check it out!