Bench Heaven

Half Kiwi, half Norwegian  Fredrik Perry has been working on his project called “Bench Press” out of Norway, and has just released this edit from an event he staged in Oslo in March.


” Yeah, My dad is from Greytown, a small town about an hour drive north from Wellington. I just snowboard as much as I can up here, been travelling and filming a lot in the US with Think Thank the last few years for their movies .

The footy in this edit is from March 1st-4th during an event I hosted with Snowboy Productions called Bench Heaven. We essentially filmed on benches in the streets for three days then had a public contest on hill at Oslo Winterpark. The idea came from a video project I have called Benchpress, a video with snowboarding only on benches. It´s just a silly little thing that a lot of sick riders were hyped on joining in on so it turned into a really cool project. The Benchpress video will be dropping in April.”

Fredrik Perry