Hokkaido pow turn (2)Hokkaido Travel Guide

A few tricks n tips on traveling to the worlds deepest bottomless pow stash Hokkaido Japan. Details on accommodation, what to expect and of course where to find the deepest pow in the land.

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hyne10Portfolio – Greg Roebuck

Greg Roebuck has been one of the most prolific, consistent and greatest of the NZsnows photographers, shooting both at home and abroad. For last few years Greg has been based in the USA and every year crew visit him there, ride and shoot at incredible locations and always come away with incredible shots courtesy of Mr Roebuck!

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Split Boarding with Scott Heale


“Cheers, aye” is my dubious reply. I look down at the contraption my old mate is lending for my first day splitboarding. It’s antique, and should be hanging above the fireplace, maybe even in it. Pre 90’s and cut long ways in two by hand, it’s precariously hooked together with a series of hooks, clamps and just to add flavour to the mix, T-bolts riding raw and exposed throughout the base material. Several metal ‘thingys’ are screwed through the topsheet straight into the core. I scratch my head for a bit, it’s a lot to take in… this is a splitboard!?

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Vaughan Brookfield has become one of New Zealand’s most celebrated snowboard photographers in recent years and has been kind enough to share some of his favourite shots with us.

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