#11 July/August 1996

RIDER: Paul Trapski
LOCATION: Utah backcountry

Trappers snags his second cover, with a colourful Utah powder gauge. Olly Brunton does a backside 3 for “Trick Tip”. National Champion Pamela Bell, who’s been blowing doors at every event over the last few years, gets the Interview.
The overseas travel feature this year is called Trippin’, with crazy stories and photos from all over, including Andre Mortimer and Deni Bevin at Blackcomb, Olly Brunton, Jamie Hanning and Paul Trapski in Utah, then Stephen Scott who went from Tahoe to Alaska with Vegas and Jackson Hole in between. Also covered are Red Mountain by Mark Adams, Austria by Morgs O’Brien, and Japan by Andrew Mikkelsen. There’s a safety piece on “Avalanche Basics”, and we profile Nelson’s pot of gold, Rainbow Ski Area. “Fast Forward” this time around is Brendon Dixon, Jeremy Scott, and Matt Findlay. We even sneak our first “Outerwear Guide” into the back pages.


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