#29 May/June 2002

RIDER: Anthony Leffelaar
LOCATION: Blackcomb, BC

Anthony Leffelaar scores cover shot of the Decade Collectors Issue. There are two main “Decade” features; one looks at 10 influential “Riders” during the last 10 years, and the other at 10 crucial “Believers” who helped shape the NZ industry. Riders chosen are Deano Johnston, Dani Meier, Aaron Jamieson, Pamela Bell, Juliane Bray, Deni Bevin, Paul Trapski, Quentin Robbins, Shamus Butt, and Graham Dunbar – each paired with images of then and now to create a stunning gallery. Believers chosen are Aaron Bolt, Craig Harris, Dave Partridge, Jon Malcolm Smith, Luca Soulos and Debbie O’Hagan, Bronwyn Taylor, Ewan Straight, Stan Hill, and Henry Van Ash – who’s also featured in “Kiwis”. Dan Leyden does a crooked nose press in “Trick Tip”, and “The Olympic Standard” summarizes the progression seen at the Salt Lake City Olympics. There’s a long overdue interview with Trevor Ponting. “Park It” looks at the freestyle phenomenon, and profiles NZ terrain parks. The “Buyer’s Guide” is jam-packed with goodies, and followed by the “Area Guide”. Jacob Koia and Dave O’Brien snag a page each in “Fast Forward”.

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