#37 Sept/October 2004

RIDER: Ryan Bluett
LOCATION: Temple Basin

Ryan Bluett gets the cover at Temple Basin. “Onset” claims one of the best winters in years. Quickfire becomes “Chickfire” witht Hayley Holt, Molly Milligan, and Juliane Bray. We run two “Trick Tips”, the first on how to pop Front 270’s to down rails with Robett Hollis, the second, Air to Fakies in the pipe with Crispin Lipscomb. There’s a review of the “Cheapskates Jib Jam” in Dunedin, as well as the “Burton NZ Open” at Cardrona. We get the low down with Logan Holt in his “Interview”. “Five” profiles Kristian Philipp, Aaron Jamieson, Tim Jackways, Joel Westcot and Dylan Butt as they spend a day ripping up the North Buchanans via helicopter. The “Gallery” is put together by Guest Photo Editor Joel Westcot, who selects shots of Nick Brown, Mark Brownlee, Jesse Wilkinson, TJ, DB, Abby Lockhart, Will J, and Greg Roebuck. Shane Orchard puts together a backcounty piece “Twin Streams Divide”, there’s a review of the STS Battle at Snow Park, and both the Nick’s get a “Fast Forward” – Brown and Hyne.


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