#39 July/Aug 2005

RIDER: Nick Brown
LOCATION: Jackson Hole

Nick Brown gets the cover at Jackson Hole – which is also featured with a Greg Roebuck mission to the Wyoming resort, along with Browner, Nick Hyne, and Crosby Webb. Tim Jackways spins a backside 720 in “Trick Tip”, Joel Westcot scribes “Rags to Riches”, and there’s the hilarious “Reon and Olly Show”, about two of Wanaka’s wildest characters. Will Jackways gets the Interview. The “Gallery” includes Nick Brown, Tim Jackways, Ross Lind-Mitchell, Blair Findlay, Jah Harris, Jesse Wilkinson, and Chris Garside. “Utah” is a most popular destination and Joel Westcot checks out why, along with TJ, Tim Watson, Kristian Philipp, Stef Zeestraten, Jake Koia, Joel Webb, and Dan Fountain. There’s “Pro’s and Cons”, all you need to know about being sponsored. “Where You Been?” checks out stories from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Austria, Snowbird, Tahoe, and Germany. “No Limits” gives some backcountry tips, followed waxing tips in “Wax On Wax Off”. Kendall Brown, Josh Clark, and Karl Dunham all get a “Fast Forward”.


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