#49 Sept/October 2008

RIDER: Roland Morley-Brown
PHOTOGRAPHER: Vaughan Brookfield

Roland Morley-Brown makes the cover at Porters, as Canterbury experiences the best winter in 15 years. “Essence” has Robett Hollis, the Volcom boys at Mt. Buller, and Leroy Christenson. “Hollerback” remembers when things were different, “Hynesight” investigates the Deros, and Kyle Cooper gives tips for your next “Ruapehu Roadie”. Our feature this issue is the “Temple Experiment”, where PE takes Louis Purucker, Andrew Kennerley, Chris Blinkhorne, and Roland Morley-Brown to Temple Basin for a week, using the setting to profile what makes these guys tick. “Gallery” has shots of Andy K, Alex Hughes, Spencer Falls, RMB, Mark Anderson, Maia Stier, Nick Brown, Will Jackways, Jeremy Thorns, and Terje Haakonsen. “The Burton NZ Open” is followed by “A Beer with Jake”. We reveal the deep history of the various Kiwi snowboard makers in “Inside”, and “No Limits” is about riding buddies. “Fast Forward” wraps it up with Joram Makuru, Maia Stier, and Tomas Battersby.


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