#52 May/June 2010

RIDER: Liam Ryan
LOCATION: Czech Republic

Liam Ryan grabs the cover during his travels in the Czech Republic. Mark Landvik, Gigi Ruff and Curtis Ciszek start off “Essence”, followed by Nick Hyne and then Adam Shaw. Stef Zeestraten takes us through a double backside rodeo in “Trick Tip”, Nick talks about going both ways in “Hynesight”, Jah Harris is “Revisited, Shane Orchard gives backcountry tips in “Outer Realm”, and Joel Westcot writes “Monkey See”. We review the recent “Olympics” in Vancouver and talk with the Kiwi riders about their performances. “Double or Nothing” looks at the double-cork phenomenon with Luke Mitrani. “Ruapehu, King of the North” is a feature on – you guessed it – Ruapehu, with insight from Alex Scott, Joram Makuru, Colin Bartlett, Willie Beggs, Tom Battersby, Jordan Decker and Will Harris. Stef Zeestraten does justice to the “Interview”. The Gallery, “Shot”, has Sam Britten, Nick Brown, Will Jackways, Abby Lockhart, Ferret, Roland Morley-Brown, Joram Makuru, Nick Hyne, Jeremy Thorns, Lake Koia and Torstein Horgmo. The “2010 Buyer’s Guide” is followed by a few comps, and “XXL” – a late season supersized jump at The Remarkables. Karl Dunham gives tips on how to “Jump Smarter”, and “Fast Forward” goes to Colin Bartlett and cover boy Liam Ryan.

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