#42 July/Aug 2006

RIDER: Heath Patterson
LOCATION: Utah backcountry

The cover goes to Heath Patterson, while the interview for this issue goes to none other than Roland Morley-Brown. “Inside” looks at the process behind filming snowboarding, Karl Dunham gives tips on keeping it Kiwi in the USA in “Edge”, and Greg Roebuck takes us to Crystal Mountain, Washington in “Go To…”. Quentin Robbins and Abby Lockhart take out the “2006 NZ Snowboarder Magazine Rider Poll”, as voted for by New Zealand’s top riders themselves. Leroy Christensen takes out the Rookie section. The main feature “Travel” takes us around the world with USA by Joel Westcot, Canada by Dylan Butt, Europe by Chris Garside and Jeremy Bruce, and Japan by Joel Westcot. “Travel” includes photos of JB, Mitch Brown, Rob Mitchell, Logan Holt, Nick Brown, TJ, Jake Koia, Jeremy Thorns, Quentin, Chris Garside, Jah Harris, Robett Hollis, Will J, and Rich Hunt among others. “To Heli and Back” takes us into our world-class backcountry and gives the lowdown on the various heli options in New Zealand. Andy Kennerley and Chris Hutchings both feature in “Fast Forward”.


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