#46 Sept/October 2007

RIDER: Will Jackways

Will Jackways makes history with this cover shot, being first to drop the bridge at Snow Park. “Essence” has shots of Mark Anderson and Robett Hollis. “Onset” heralds Mitch Brown’s recent win at the Burton NZ Open, which is covered in depth with a main feature as well. “Trick Tip” covers a frontside 5 with Jake Koia, and “Holler Back” reviews a snowfall that opened up the whole of Wanaka as a jib-zone. There’s a feature story on “The Bridge”, and how cover shot came about. “Perspective” profiles 10 riders – Mark Anderson, James Hamilton, Ted Hanna, Shelly Gotlieb, Dave Nurse, Ben Simmen, Ben ‘Ferret’ Vercauteren, Connor Harding, Andrew Kennerley, and Stef ‘Dutchy’ Zeestraten. The Gallery “NZ07” has shots of Nick Brown, Olly Burke, Jeremy Thorns, Jake Koia, Scott Bell, and Will Jackways. Nick Hyne’s “Hynesight” is followed by Joel Westcot’s “Apparently the Eskimo…”. Matto Smith is profiled in “On The Job”, Karl Dunham looks at pow landings in “Edge”, and “Fast Forward” checks out Jethro Mains and Chris Blinkhorne.


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