#44 May/June 2007

RIDER: Jake Koia
LOCATION: Wolf Creek, CO

Jake Koia, who’s cracked the international scene, scores both cover and main interview. “Essence”, a series of premium spreads to start the mag, is introduced with Tim Jackways and Romain De Marchi. Jonas Carlson performs a switch back 7 in “Trick Tip”, and a 1983 photo at Coronet Peak is “Uncovered”. Joel Westcot scrutinizes the various global snowboarders in “Species”, and there’s an interview with American shredder Scotty Lago. “Alternate Route” gets out of the mainstream and goes to Olympus. “Gallery 44” includes shots of Logan Holt, Nicolas Mueller, Blair Findlay, Mitch Brown, Abby Lockhart, Roland Morley-Brown, Nick Brown, Will Jackways, Quentin Robbins, Rob Mitchell, Richard Hunt, Louis Purucker, Neville Lapwood, Ben Simmen, and Tim Jackways. “The Hemisphere Challenge” goes down at Snow Park. Tons of gear is packed into the “2007 Buyer’s Guide”, and “Go To…” visits the Naki, “Consequences” looks at the risks being taken today, and Nick Hyne gives us tips for competing in “Comps 101”. There’s a series of comp reviews, and “Tukino”, a feature on the secret side of Mt. Ruapehu. “No Limits” profiles disabled rider Adam Hall, and “On the Job” catches up with Sammy Britten and Greg Roebuck. “Fast Forward” finishes off with Neville Lapwood and Bree Woodward-Gray.

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